October 3, 2001 - June 2, 2009
ABC Situation Comedy - 181 Filmed Episodes


Jim:   James Belushi
Cheryl:   Courtney Thorne-Smith
Dana:   Kimberly Williams-Paisley
Andy:   Larry Joe Campbell
Ruby:   Taylor Atelian
Gracie:   Billi Bruno
Kyle:   Garret Sullivan
  Conner Rayburn
Adult Kyle:   Robert Belushi
Tony:   Tony Braunagel
Dr. Ryan Gibson:   Mitch Rouse
John:   John Rubano
Charlie:   Charlie Hartsock
Willie:   Willie Amakye
Beltzman:   Mark Beltzman
Chris:   Christopher Moynihan

Jim Belushi comes to network television as a
loving family man in this contemporary comedy.
Happily married with three kids, Jim is an all-
American guy's guy, not quick to admit fault, but
a softie underneath. He's a contractor in a design
firm with his younger, architect brother-in-law,
Andy, yet he still finds time to hang out
with his six-man garage blues band.

Jim's wife, Cheryl, gave up dating corporate guys
for a life with a simpler man who makes her laugh.
She's champagne and strawberries to Jim's beer
nuts and bratwurst -- but they're in love.

Dana is Cheryl's sister, who works as a VP in an
ad agency. She's single and gorgeous, but emotionally
short-sighted and self-centered. She gets lots of
first dates, not too many second ones. But she
adopres her two nieces and her baby nephew --
and she loves verbally sparring with Jim.

Cheryl's younger brother, Andy, is temperamental and
sensitive. Andy is Norton to Jim's Ralph Kramden.

So that's Jim Belushi -- a husband who knows that
the key to a good marriage is nodding when your
wife talks. He relates to his kids because he's
a big kid himself. And he struggles with the same
issues as every other dad -- how to achieve the ideal
picket-fence life, yet keep a firm grip on manhood.

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