October 3, 1960 - April 1, 1968
CBS Situation Comedy - 249 Filmed Episodes


Sheriff Andy Taylor:   Andy Griffith
Deputy Barney Fife:   Don Knotts
Opie Taylor, Andy's son:   Ronny Howard
Bee Taylor, Andy's aunt:   Frances Bavier
Gomer Pyle, filling station attendant:   Jim Nabors
Floyd Lawson, barber:   Howard McNear
Ellie Walker, druggist:   Elinor Donahue
Mary Simpson, nurse:   Sue Anne Langdon
  Julie Adams
Helen Crump, teacher:   Aneta Corsaut
Thelma Lou, Barney's girlfriend:   Betty Lynn
Otis Campbell, town drunk:   Hal Smith
Howard Sprague, county clerk:   Jack Dodson
Briscoe Darling, hillbilly:   Denver Pyle
Ernest T. Bass, trouble-maker:   Howard Morris
Goober Pyle, Gomer's cousin:   George Lindsey
Malcolm Merriweather, Englishman:   Bernard Fox
Clara Edwards:   Hope Summers
Deputy Warren Ferguson:   Jack Burns
Mayor Pike:   Dick Elliott
Mayor Stoner:   Parley Baer
Jim Lindsey, Guitar player:   James Best
Emma Brand, hypochondriac:   Cheerio Meredith
Sam Jones, councilman:   Ken Berry
Millie Swanson, Sam's girlfriend:   Arlene Golonka
Mike Jones, Sam's son:   Buddy Foster
Emmet Clark, fix-it shop owner:   Paul Hartman
Skippy, fun-loving girl:   Joyce Jameson
Daphne, fun-loving girl:   Jean Carson
Martha Clark, Emmet's wife:   Mary Lansing
Leon, boy with peanut butter sandwich:   Clint Howard
Johnny Paul, Opie's friend:   Richard Keith
Peggy McMillan, Andy's girlfriend:   Joanna Cook Moore
Mrs. Sprague, Howard's mother:   Mabel Albertson
Jud Crowley:   Burt Mustin
Irene Fairchild, county nurse:   Nina Shipman
Lydia Crosswaithe:   Josie Lloyd
Charlene Darling:   Maggie Peterson
Dud Wash:   Bob Denver
Gilly Walker:   Larry Hovis
Various roles:   Allan Melvin
Announcer:   Colin Male

Andy Taylor was sheriff of sleepy Mayberry, North Carolina
(pop. 1,200). Episodes depict Andy's attempts to raise his
young son Opie, and his and Barney's efforts to maintain
law in a virtually crime-free town. Residing with Andy at his
home at 14 Maple Street is Aunt Bee, who helps care for Opie.

Helping make Andy's life interesting is a town full of
colorful characters, all were like family. Scatterbrained
and busybody Floyd the Barber was always so awed by the
world that went on around him. Emmmet Clark, operator of
the Fix-It-Shop, tried to keep pace with his younger
companinons. Otis Campbell, served time in the very minimum
security jail, where he voluntarily committed himself for his
regular Saturday night visit. Howard Sprague, straitlaced and
catered to his mother's every wish. Ernest T. Bass, the
loony hillbilly who would throw rocks through the townfolk's
windows. Gomer Pyle, the attendant at Wally's Service Station.

Andy had several girlfriends over the years: Ellie Walker,
the new lady druggist; Mary Simpson, the county nurse;
Peggy McMillan, the rich girl that Barney forbid Andy
to see; and Helen Crump, Opie's school teacher. Helen
and Andy got married at the end of the series.

And then there was Barney Fife, whose body looked as fragile
as his ego was. The 97-pound lovable imcompetent. Andy never
allowed him to carry more than one bullet, and that had to
be carried in his pocket and not in his gun. Barney was
childish and goofy. Sometimes he did things that were so
infuriating that we wanted to give him a swift kick in the
county seat. Andy often helped Barney save face, as when
he'd lay the groundwork for an arrest and then let Barney
accept the praise. And Barney would accept the praise.

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