September 24, 1993 - May 5, 2000
ABC Situation Comedy - 158 Filmed Episodes


Cory Matthews:   Ben Savage
Alan Matthews:   William Russ
Amy Matthews:   Betsy Randle
Eric Matthews:   Will Friedle
Morgan Matthews:   Lily Nicksay
  Lindsay Ridgeway
Shawn Hunter:   Rider Strong
George Feeny:   William Daniels
Stuart Lempke/Minkus:   Lee Norris
Topanga Lawrence:   Danielle Fishel
Jonathan Turner:   Anthony Tyler Quinn
Eli Williams:   Alex Desert
Jack Newman:   Matthew Lawrence
Angela Moore:   Trina McGee-Davis
Rachel McGuire:   Maitland Ward
Joey:   Blake Soper
Frankie Stichino:   Ethan Suplee
Chet Hunter:   Blake Clark
Model:   Caprice Crawford
Harley Kiner:   Kenny Johnston
Jason:   Jason Marsden
Beth's Boyfriend:   Tyler Waldrop

Cory was an inquisitive, brash junior high student beset
with the problems of the tween years. Where to turn for
advice? His Mom (Amy) and blue-collar dad (Alan) were
solicitous, but they were grown-ups. Supercool older
brother Eric ignored him. Cute little sis Morgan had
plenty of opinions but was too young to know anything.
So Cory and his best pal, Shawn, explored life's mysteries
on their own. The number-one mystery was demanding,
acerbic teacher Mr. Feeny, who either hated Cory or
liked him--it was hard to tell. Feeny lived next door
to the Matthews, so Cory got to see a lot of him.
Topanga was the girl of Cory's dreams and Stuart
a bookish friend.

In 1994 Cory and Shawn entered John Adams High School,
and there to greet them was Mr. Feeny, the new acting
principal. The relationship between Cory and Topanga
grew over time. Finally on graduation day in 1998,
Topanga preposed! In the fall of 1998 Cory and
Topanga enrolled in Pennbrook College.

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