October 6, 1988 - July 22, 1992
NBC Situation Comedy - 90 Filmed Episodes


John Lacey:   Judd Hirsch
Louise Mercer:   Jane Carr
Kirk Morris:   Jere Burns
Ralph Drang:   Harry Groener
Kate McCarron:   Isabella Hofmann
Mrs. Margie Philbert:   Billie Bird
Mary Beth Sutton:   Susan Walters
Tom:   Tom Willett
Denise:   Olivia Brown
Matthew Lacey:   Ben Savage
  Billy Corben
Wendy Lacey:   Carlene Watkins
  Deborah Harmon
Ben:   William O'Leary
Annie Marino:   Marietta DePrima

Character comedy based on the subject of divorce.
John Lacey was an easygoing high school English
teacher from New Rochelle, New York, who came home
one day to discover that his wife had dumped him
for his best friend. Her note began, "Dear John..."

Wendy got the house, their son Matthew, and
everything else that mattered, so John moved into
an apartment in Queens and joined the "One-Two-One
Club," a singles support group at the Rego Park
Community Center, whose offbeat members seemed
guaranteed to cheer anybody up. Kirk was the
swaggering ladies' man who was oblivious to his
own boorishness; Ralph, the shy, owlish toll
collector; Kate, the compassionate but somewhat
out-of-touch beauty; Mrs. Philbert, the daft,
chattering retiree; and Tom (her boyfriend), the
older man who hardly ever said anything. Mary
Beth, a sexy but naive Southerner, and Denise,
who was in the weight control group across the
hall, surfaced later, as did maintainance man Ben.
The group leader was Louise, a bubbly, sex-obsessed
Englishwoman. Most of them had lost spouses in one
hilarious manner or another, and they helped each
other fumble through the endless trials
of readjustment.

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