October 4, 1959 - July 7, 1963
CBS Situation Comedy - 146 Filmed Episodes


Dennis Mitchell:   Jay North
Henry Mitchell:   Herbert Anderson
Alice Mitchell:   Gloria Henry
George Wilson:   Joseph Kearns
Martha Wilson:   Sylvia Field
Joey McDonald:   Gil Smith
Lucy Elkins:   Irene Tedrow
Tommy Anderson:   Billy Booth
Margaret Wade:   Jeannie Russell
Mr. Quigley, Supermarket owner:   Willard Waterman
Miss Esther Cathcart:   Mary Wickes
Mr. Merivale, the Florist:   Will Wright
Mr. Finch, Drugstore owner:   Charles Lane
Mr. Dorfman, the Postman:   Robert B. Williams
Ned Matthews, Mr. Wilson's Uncle:   Edward Everett Horton
Mayor Yates:   Charles Watts
Mr. Krinkie, Newspaper Editor:   Charles Seel
Mrs. Mitchell, Henry's Mother:   Kathleen Mulqueen
Sgt. Theodore Mooney, Policeman:   George Cisar
Seymour:   Robert John Pittman
John Wilson:   Gale Gordon
Eloise Wilson:   Sara Seegar
Mr. Timberlake:   Byron Foulger
Jimmy:   Jimmy Hawkins
Freemont, George Wilson's Dog:   Unknown

627 Elm Street, Hillsdale, the residence of the Mitchell
family: Henry, an engineer with Trask Engineering; his
wife, Alice; and their son Dennis, a very mischievous
young boy. Stories depict Dennis' disastrous attempts
to assist people he believes are in trouble. His
favorite victim is his retired next-door
neighbor, good ole Mr. Wilson.

Joseph Kearns passed away toward the end of the third
season. Gale Gordon was introduced as his brother, John
Wilson, a guest of Mrs. Wilson's. At the start of the
fourth and final season, John Wilson, and his wife
Eloise, had moved into the house, George and
Martha being a distant memory.


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