September 26, 1964 - September 4, 1967
CBS Situation Comedy - 98 Filmed Episodes


Gilligan:   Bob Denver
The Skipper (Jonas Grumby):   Alan Hale, Jr.
Thurston Howell III:   Jim Backus
Mrs. Lovey Howell:   Natalie Schafer
Ginger Grant:   Tina Louise
The Professor (Roy Hinkley):   Russell Johnson
Mary Ann Summers:   Dawn Wells

The small charter boat Minnow had been on a
sight-seeing party when it was caught in a storm
and wrecked on the shore of an uncharted South
Pacific island. Marooned together on the island
were: the good-natured skipper; a somewhat blustery
millionaire and his vacuous wife; a sexy movie star
named Ginger; a high-school science teacher known
as The Professor; a sweet, naive country girl named
Mary Ann; and Gilligan. Gilligan was the boat's
sole crew member, aside from the skipper. He was
well meaning but inept in his attempts to find
means of returning to civilization. As a result,
and perhaps even more because this simple-minded
farce became a top hit, the little band was
stranded on that island for three full seasons.

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