September 17, 1991 - May 25, 1999
ABC Situation Comedy - 203 Filmed Episodes


Tim Taylor:   Tim Allen
Jill Taylor:   Patricia Richardson
Brad Taylor:   Zachery Ty Bryan
Randy Taylor:   Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Mark Taylor:   Taran Noah Smith
Wilson Wilson:   Earl Hindman
Al Borland:   Richard Karn
Lisa:   Pamela Anderson
Heidi:   Debbe Dunning
Harry:   Blake Clark
Ilene Markham, D.D.S.:   Sherry Hursey
Benny Veroni:   Jimmy Labriola
Marty Taylor:   William O'Leary
Karen:   Betsy Randle
Gracie Taylor:   Ashley Trefger
Claire Taylor:   Lindsey Trefger
Jennifer Sadarski:   Jessica Wesson

Stand-up comic Tim Allen, who specialized in macho humor,
brought his act to television in this comic saga of a man
and his tool belt. Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor was a local
celebrity in Detroit with his cable TV show Tool Time, a
cheerful mix of fix-it advice and humor sponsored by Binford
Tools. His answer to every problem: more power! At home he
was a bit of a klutz, however, and when he strapped on his
tool belt and whipped out his drill like a six-shooter, the
kids cleared out. Frustrated wife Jill tried to keep him
away from the appliances but to no avail; sons Brad, Randy,
and winsome little Mark offered varying degrees of help;
and neighbor Wilson, never clearly seen over the backyard
fence, philosophized about the meaning of everything.
Al was Tim's knowing helper on Tool Time, along with
Lisa, the buxom "tool girl" (succeeded by Heidi in 1993).


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