September 26, 1982 - August 8, 1986
NBC Adventure - 84 Filmed Episodes


Michael Knight:   David Hasselhoff
Devon Miles:   Edward Mulhare
Bonnie Barstow:   Patricia McPherson
Voice of KITT:   William Daniels
April Curtis:   Rebecca Holden
Reginald Cornelius III:   Peter Parros

A cop named Michael Long was shot in the face by
criminals he was investigating. A man named Wilton
Knight, who worked for the Knight Foundation for
Law and Government (F.L.A.G), found him and rescued
him. He was revived in the F.L.A.G. medical center.
He was given a new face and identity. Michael Long was
pronounced dead, he is now known as Michael Knight.
He now works at F.L.A.G. and has a new car. A car
unlike any other...The Knight Industry Two
Thousand (K.I.T.T.). The fastest, safest,
and strongest car in the world.

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