March 25, 1986 - August 6, 1993
ABC Situation Comedy - 150 Filmed Episodes


Balki Bartokomous:   Bronson Pinchot
Larry Appleton:   Mark Linn-Baker
Donald Twinkacetti:   Ernie Sabella
Edwina Twinkacetti:   Belita Moreno
Susan Campbell:   Lise Cutter
Mary Anne:   Rebeca Arthur
Jennifer:   Melanie Wilson
Harriette Winslow:   Jo Marie Payton-France
Lydia Markham:   Belita Moreno
Harry Burns:   Eugene Roche
Sam Gorpley:   Sam Anderson
Mr. Wainright:   F.J. O'Neil
Tess Holland:   Alisan Porter

This slapstick "buddy comedy" explored the wonderment
of a newly arrived immigrant at the ways of America.
Balki was a young shepard from the Mediterranean
island of Mypos, who showed up unexpectedly at the
Chicago apartment of his distant cousin Larry.
Balki's wide-eyed, fun-loving manner, his nutty
Myposian customs, and his tendency to take every-
thing Americans told him quite literally, promised
considerable disruption for Larry's carefully
organized life, but Larry took him in. After all,
getting started as a shepard in Chicago
was not going to be easy.

Larry was just getting started himself, hoping to
become a photojournalist. For the time being he
worked downstairs at the Ritz Discount Shop, run
by a greedy, insensitive man named "Twinkie."
Susan was Larry's friend, a nurse who lived
upstairs. She was soon replaced by Mary Anne and
Jennifer, two stewardesses who lived in the building.

Stories involved Balki's comic misadventures as he
learned about America, studied citizenship at night
school, and chased girls with Larry. His answer to
every problem: "Don't be ridikalus!" In 1987 they
both went to work for the Chicago Chronicle, Larry
as a cub reporter and Balki in the mailroom.
Harriette was the wisecracking elevator operator
at the paper, Harry the editor, Lydia the neurotic
advice columnist, and Mr. Gorpley was
Balki's scrooge-like boss.

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