October 7, 1960 - September 18, 1964
CBS Adventure Series - 116 Filmed Episodes


Tod Stiles:   Martin Milner
Buz Murdock:   George Maharis
Linc Case:   Glenn Corbett

Tod Stiles and Buz Murdock were two young men who
traveled around the country together in Tod's Corvette
in search of adventure. They came from radically
different backgrounds but had become good friends.
Tod was born to wealth, but when his father had died
unexpectedly, he discovered that most of the money was
gone. Buz had grown up in the jungle of New York's
Hell's Kitchen and had been employed by Tod's father
prior to his death. The series was filmed on location
as they crisscrossed the United States in their
destinationless travels, meeting all sorts of
people and getting into all kinds of situations.

Photos courtesy of MPTV.net.

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